Chapter Nineteen: "The (Second) Proposal, Part TWO." (Confused yet?)

I was standing in front of the castle with my friends when I suddenly noticed a small ruckus coming from the center of the plaza. I looked over there and I saw my friend Jason asking people to clear the area a little bit. This was, um, confusing. I had NO idea why he was suddenly walking up to strangers and asking them to CLEAR THE AREA.

I walked over to where he was and was about to ask him what the heck he was doing, when I suddenly saw him.

This moment in time will forever be etched in my memory because it was the moment that my heart finally got what it had been aching for for all of those years. It was the moment my dreams crashed into my reality. And it came in the form of a man dressed in a familiar white tuxedo, with a top hat perched on the top of his head to match.

This man in white was the man that I loved. And he was walking straight towards me, looking at me intently, from the little garden across the way. He walked confidently, and he held a red flower in one hand. He was also attempting to contain a huge smile on his face, but it was so wide and so deep that it threatened to spill over at any moment.

Time froze. I buried my face in my hands and burst into tears before Chris had even made his way to where I was standing. A few people gathered around us. Everyone was taking pictures. Chris dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him.

Everyone cheered and clapped. In an emotional blur, I grabbed the ring from his hand and fell down on my knees, too.

And then I said yes. And my heart screamed “YES!” from within my chest. And it finally felt right.

It wasn’t until about 20 minutes later that I realized I had been CLUTCHING the ring in my clenched fist (along with my red flower) and had never even put it on my finger. It is a miracle that I didn’t drop it somewhere, because I had no clue I was even holding it until Chris and I took a walk together and I was like, “Oh! What’s this in my hand?” OH, IT’S JUST MY RING. GFDA^%R!@%!!

The rest of the day was spent having tons of fun on the rides and other Disneyland-ish types of things. Chris wore his tux the rest of the day (even though it was ridiculously hot outside), and people kept coming up to him asking if they could take a picture with him. He obliged them all, of course, and later we asked someone who they thought he was, and they said matter-of-factly that it was OBVIOUS that he was Prince Charming.

I couldn’t agree more.

So, what’s next for two people who have been in love for SO long and are finally engaged? (Well, engaged again, I suppose…) A WEDDING! And QUICKLY! So, we set a date. A date that was only four short months away…

22 thoughts on “Chapter Nineteen: "The (Second) Proposal, Part TWO." (Confused yet?)

  1. It is so incredibly amazing that you have such an amazing story and beautiful pictures of your proposal. Ezra will cherish these and it is SO FUN for the rest of us to see. You have the most adorably adorable husband of all time. Swoooon!

  2. great now I’m bawling….oh well at least it’s night, the husbands gone and the child is sleeping, I think I shall indulge in this most wonderful moment in your life and have myself a good cry for all the beautiful romanticism that is alive and well in this world! Can’t wait to see pictures of the wedding!

  3. How awesome!! I keep gushing over this story of yours like all the other girls that keep up with this and read it. How amazing God is that He has your dreams in mind at every moment. I’m learning that right now. With a gushing sigh, Coral

  4. Wow, I was totally not expecting that. How perfect, and perfectly wonderful! Love. It.You need to crazy glue that ring to your finger missy!

  5. Emery,I’ve been lurking on your blog, forever! Thank you so much for sharing. It is so amazing to go back and relive such an important moment of your life with you. ThanksHeather (ferrin..well sollis now..but hi! lol)

  6. yay! i never knew the whole story of the proposal…so close to tears, so sweet. i am glad i have gotten to see the rest unfold.christina

  7. EMERY!!!!!!!!!!! Making me cry at work is a no no!!!!!!!!!This is the sweetest thing in the whole world, and you have pictures and omg I have goosebumps…also i so don’t want to post my lameo engagement story online now!sigggggh this is sooo swoon worthy. can we all marry chris!maybe he could start up a new business…how to make your wife swoon like mine does classes….

  8. hey em…totally random comment heremember the green shirt..the one you took like your first two school photos in..well its been bothering me for 7 years now…why didnt you do a senior pic in the green shirt? i’ve always wondered…i missed it

  9. OMG YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! That was certainly the BEST proposal story I have EVER. HEARD. EVER!!! Oh and thank goodness you finally posted something! I was afraid there was going to be a mutiny! ; )

  10. Hi Emery – Its MaryBeth (used to be Richardson, now its Loewen)Don’t know if you remember me. I went to Mercy Church with you a long time ago. I found your blog recently while I was roaming around in blog land (One of my favorite activities when I am avoiding something, like say the huge mountain of laundry that needs folding!) Anyways I have been really enjoying reading your love story. Thanks for sharing! just thought I would say Hi!

  11. What a Beautiful Love Story! This is so beautiful and beautifully written. Made me cry :) Thank you for sharing. God Bless!

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