My Love Story.

A couple of you have asked to hear Chris and I’s story, and I am more than happy to oblige you all, but there are a of couple things I have to throw out there first…

1. Chris and I dated for FIVE YEARS. I have really wanted to share our story with you guys ever since I started this blog, but the thought of trying to sum up those five to six years of my life was totally overwhelming. I pictured a post that was approximately eighteen miles long in my future. Blech. TOOOO MANY WORDS!

2. Then, I recently started reading along on Jen’s Blog as she told the story of her and her husband Erick. She has been telling the story in CHAPTERS, which I think is absolutely brilliant and it has been fun and absorbing to read along and anticipate each new installment. So, I have now decided that if I am going to do this, I am going to SHAMELESSLY copy her idea and tell you all the story of Chris & I in similar, chapter-ly installments. (Um, is this OK, Jen? hehe.)

3. Does this sound like something you’d even want to read from me? If it’s not, no need to comment– if it is something you’d want to see on this blog, leave me a quick comment and let me know. The only reason I ask this is that it will be somewhat difficult for me to recall and relate all that happened in those tumultuous years of my life… I would only be up for it if it’s something you guys are even interested in reading. If it’s not, that’s totally fine. If it is, let me know.

4. I would obviously be condensing the story quite a bit, but it would still be very emotionally-charged writing for me. Those years were difficult. Also, it will be hard to remember a lot of it… (I have the memory of a GNAT.) I’ll probably need to scan through some old journals or something to kick start my memory again.

5. All in all, I think it would be really good and healing and helpful to me, if to no one else, to get this story out of my head and my heart and onto paper. It is a beautiful story, only because the ending is so reedeeming and full of life (life named Ezra), but I think even the rough patches could potentially be helpful to people who might find themselves in similar situations right now or in the future.

6. I’ll have to make sure this is OK with my sweet husband first, as well. I have no doubt he’ll give the ‘go ahead’, though. He has always believed (as do I) that our story is a powerful testimony to God’s grace and love in our lives, and that it can be healing to people who have had their hearts steamrolled a time or two.

If enough of you are interested in this, I’ll start right away. And I’ll probably become hooked and write a million chapters an hour after that. hehe.

I’ll end with this, a mini ‘Operation Grow Hair!’ update:

“Wowzah! Them’s some legitimate ponytails!”
I couldn’t have done this without you guys… THANK YOU TIMES INFINITY!!

25 thoughts on “My Love Story.

  1. START WRITING IMMEDIATELY!! I, too, am hooked on Jen’s story, and would be lying if I said I hadn’t considered writing a similar story about me and my own sweet hubby. We’ve been through hell and back, and it’s resulted in a marriage so full of love and support and encouragement that it’s almost hard to remember it being anything else.Can’t wait to hear about you and Chris, whose marriage I’ve always admired through the “blogwaves”. I still remember that post about the drama you endured with the airport and sick Ezra and bag issues, and how you got home and he had drawn a bath and lit candles and…swooon.And BTW? Your hair looks FAB!!

  2. oh, how romantic! please tell. i think there are definitely some people out there (myself included) that who are not only curious, but really NEED to hear about how such a strong relationship came together.your hair is darling! hang in there, it will grow long before you know it. in the meantime, try keeping your hair out of the way as much as possible with ponytails or braids. that way you probably won’t notice it as much and won’t be tempted to cut it!

  3. wow…as I was reading this I was thinking back on your relationship and was so encouraged by the years and years (and years) of relationship workings out. I have so many memories of you guys through it all…It would be great to read it through your wise hindsight. Plus, it will give me hope :)

  4. I would love to hear your story…especially from YOU! While I was there in the background observing, I wish I would have been able to hear from you what was going on. Please share!! Much Love!

  5. You should DEFINITELY start writing!!! I started writing our story for exactly the same reasons that you want to write and have gone though all the same “issues” that you have mentioned. Especially the REMEMBERING of it all! Sheesh! But it really has been healing for me and it is really good to look back and reflect on how far we have come. I would be SUPER STOKED to read about the story of you and your hubby- In fact I think EVERYONE should write about their stories and then NONE of us in the blogworld would EVER be bored again!! : )Good Luck and Happy Writing!

  6. Dear Emery, my very far away sort of friend in the BLOG world, in a weird way that I always read your blog after stumbling across it but enough about all that. I think it’d be GREAT to hear your love story! Your little family is so inspiring to me and I admire you from afar, through the blog world! HEHE! So go for it! I hope to have a great story like I’m sure yours is someday with my boyfriend. :-) Katyp.s. I still feel weird about commenting to someone I don’t know… but I really do constantly read your blog! :-)

  7. first loooove the hair…second..uggggg why haven’t you written chapter one yet goshhhhhhh…fyi i’m super impatient man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can’t freaking wait so get writing missy!

  8. I know at this point you’ve been encouraged enough, and hopefully you’re already tearing through chapter one! I can’t WAIT to hear it all. I’m a sap, and love to hear other peoples love stories, and how God brings people together for so many reasons and in so many ways. Now I have to go back and start from the beginning of Jen’s=)So get writing. Just think, writing will keep your hands away from the dreaded sissors and your DARLING pigtails.

  9. I want read! Like the pony tail, now you can join the dirty hair club that i am the chairwoman of!

  10. Well, I just read it all, although I ended up reading it backwards, since I haven’t stopped by in a few days and had no clue what was being done. LOL!I love it, though! Keep writing! Very interesting, actually. For a fleeting moment I considered stealing the idea, but nah. Our story starts in kindergarten, and it’s a long and winding road from there, so…it would truly take forever! Your hair looks fabulous!

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