Amazing Grace.

I have been singing the song ‘Amazing Grace’ to Ezra ever since he was a newborn. I don’t sing it every night, but he’s heard it enough in his two short years to recognize it right away, I’m pretty sure. Because of this, you wouldn’t think that I would have been as shocked as I was a couple of nights ago when, out of the blue, he started SINGING ALONG WITH ME.

At first I couldn’t tell if he was just mumbling something else as I sang to him. He was kindof whispering under his breath. And, I don’t know if you all know this or not, but there is NOTHING CUTER than a toddler whispering. Trust me on this one. It could melt the stoniest of hearts.

I leaned in closer to hear what he was whispering under his breath, and as I continued to sing, I began to hear him whispering the words and phrases of the song before I was even singing them.

“Amay gace…

sweeeet duh ound…

wetch wike meeeeee!


NOW i fownd…

bind… NOW i seeeee.”

I can’t even type this without welling up with tears and fighting a lump in my throat. It was the sweetest moment I think in my entire life up to this point… The moment when I realized my son was SINGING. A love song to God. Along with me. And something about his little baby voice made the words to that song hit me like a ton of bricks. They hit me in a way that they never had before. Before I knew what had happened I was lying in my son’s mini bed in the dark, overwhelmed by God’s grace and mercy and staring my son dead in the face with tears in my eyes.

He looked so proud, so very AWARE of what he was doing to his poor momma’s heart. I started to laugh and tickle him and he asked to sing again. My heart was all but bursting with joy and gratitude and I felt God’s love for me fill the room until I was practically drowning in it. It was great.

So, I started to sing it again- anticipating another round of profundity.

“No, mamma! No!”, Ezra interrupted. “Row row wow!”

Oookay then! So, we proceeded to sing our hearts out about a boat gently rowing down a stream! At that point, it didn’t matter what we were singing about. We could have been singing about toenails and dryer lint, the corruption of politics, or math homework for all that I cared… I still would have been completely DRENCHED in the beauty of the richness of my simple life.

Merrily! Merrily! Merrily! Merrily!

Life is but a dream…

Oh, and then there’s this. I’m dying over here.

9 thoughts on “Amazing Grace.

  1. beautiful… love it. should i ask him to sing the special song this sunday? :)

  2. (deep sigh!) oh my … full sentences. Now can you try …I ….love….MoMar ??

  3. Maybe I’m just a bit hormonal but this made me full on cry. Such honest sentiment from the mouth of a child. I absolutely love how God reminds us of his grace when we are least expecting it. I think this also hit home because we sing this to our girl most nights and though she has yet to sing along it is the only song she stops and turns to watch my mouth as it forms each word…not sure what it is about Amazing Grace but it holds her captive.

  4. There is something precious about a child singing to God. My daughter is doing the same thing with one particular song lately! I have a comment about it on my blog! Thank you for being a mom who has introduced Christ to your child!!!

  5. this just makes me tear up! it means so much more sometimes when it comes out of the mouth of babes….i don’t have my own kids, yet. but when my niece yells out that she wants to go to sunday school and spend time with jesus it just makes me melt!!!

  6. You inspire me as a mother and remind me about the simple things. Andrew will be a year at the end of the month…I can’t wait until he starts talking! But…you’ve reminded me to enjoy everything about him RIGHT NOW too!! Thank you – Deana

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