Birthday Madness: a Recap!

Thank you all so much for your sweet birthday wishes! You are all so kind and you’ve made twentyfive pretty awesome so far. You’re the best!

The day of my actual birthday started off kinda poopy, though. I was stuck at home with my sick son and spent a good part of the AM cleaning up toddler puke from all over myself, my son, the kitchen floor, and the kitchen cabinets. With bleach! Weee!

The day may have started with puke, but (thankfully) it ended with a big bag of gifts from my hubby and a lovey-dovey date. Somehow, the troubles of my day instantly melted away as I started unwrapping my presents. Can you believe that? It was miraculous! Chris and I went out and had coffee and truffles at a local chocolate bar here in town called ‘CoCo Flow’. We sat and talked about life and Reno and family and our dreams. It was a really sweet time. (no pun intended.)

Then, on Saturday morning, we borrowed our neighbor’s bikes and their buggy thing for Ezra to ride in, and we headed out to the lake by our house. We rode bikes on the trails around the water, but it was really hot and, have I ever told you guys this? I PRETTY MUCH HATE BEING OUTSIDE. I’m definitely not your ‘outdoorsy type’ of girl, so doing things like riding bikes and hiking and, well, being outside are very trying for me. Outside there are bugs and no A/C. Outside, you get all sweaty and you walk somewhere only to have to turn around and WALK BACK. I just don’t get it.

Chris was laughing at me the whole time we rode our bikes because, apparently, I had my ‘miserable face’ on. I was hot and weak, and those bike seats? They chaff. Ezra had a blast, though, and he also got real sweaty. As shown here:

I really wish I was more of an outdoorsy-type of gal. My whole family is ‘outdoorsy’, but I guess I didn’t inherit the gene. I know Chris loves the outdoors. It makes me feel totally lame when I am miserable being outside while everyone else is having a blast… Walking. In the heat. Knowing full well they will have to walk back the same way again to get to their cars. And still smiling.

Being this way somehow makes me feel like less of a woman or something… like I’m just a squee-ish little mall girl that gets her biggest thrills from getting all gussied up to go hit the Pac Sun on Saturdays. (ugg. hate that store.) I don’t want to be this way… I want to enjoy hiking and camping and rafting and biking, but I just never have. Actually, I do love camping and rafting and rock climbing, but it’s the getting there that ruins it for me. The walking. Or biking. If someone could just carry me to the fun place, I’d be golden!

Anywho, tonight we are going up to Guthrie with some good friends to eat some birthday cake and watch a drive-in movie. I’m so excited, it’s going to be a blast. Luckily for Ezra (but unfortunately for us, I suppose), ‘Shrek 3’ is the movie playing tonight. Shrek THREE? And, have you heard? Get yourselves ready for ‘Shrek the Halls’ coming to your TVs this Christmas!

Hey, DreamWorks! Just so you know, I’M ALL SHREK-ED OUT. But, thanks!

Here’s some pictures of a couple of birthday gifts I got:

my husband has…

impeccable taste and…

knows me all too well.

My friend Joel bought this print for me from this talented girl. All the proceeds from her artwork go towards helping her sister adopt a child from Ethiopia, as well as to an orphanage called AHOPE in Addis Ababa that cares for HIV+ children. Go check out her stuff, it’s amazing!

Also, my wise and foreknowing mother bought me an EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE! Now I can spill all the coffee I want and never lose all my preshus-weshus data! woo hoo!

I should really have birthdays more often.

10 thoughts on “Birthday Madness: a Recap!

  1. Your wise mother also made you a BANANA CREAM PIE and I’m going to eat it for you too…

  2. outdoors, uggggg ick get it off me. its either too hot, too cold, or BUGS! really I’d be fine outdoors if there were no bugs. and seriously playing at the park and frolicking on the grass…no thanks, not since i read about all the ickies that are in the grass from urine, poop, spit and so on, ewwy..i’ll take a trip to the mall anytime!

  3. Emery. I totally understand the whole outdoors things. I was not raised camping or hiking or any of those sort of things…but Steve loves them. He was a boy scout and he wants to be like Bear on Man v. Wild–whose like this crazy survival guy. Anyway. I totally understand your desire to join the outdoors fun so that you can be a part of something Chris loves and yet for all your might…its just not you. hmmm…I guess I’ll close with ‘love bears all things!’ :)

  4. oh, thank the Lord, I am not the only one who hates the outdoors! maybe we should start a support group for moms who know they need to enjoy the great wide open, but sadly, don’t. We’ll call it M.W.K.T.N.T.E.T.G.W.O., B.S.D.

  5. don’t really know ya, but happy b-day! don’t worry about not being outdoorsy, some people enjoy it and others don’t. once i went camping in yosemite with a friend, in freezing cold NOVEMBER, in the pouring rain, and sleeping on the ground in a pup tent. after that day i decided i would never sleep somewhere that didn’t at least have a neon vacancy sign outside of it.

  6. Oh dude, thanks for reminding me to buy an external hard drive…each day that passes I get more and more stressed about it, hee hee. Glad you had a great birthday weekend and I wish I could have been there too. xoxo.

  7. uh, you’re totally not alone in the outdoors thing…I’m pretty 99% of women DONT like the outdoors…they’re just pretending. Seriously. When I tell people I’m not an outdoorsy person they look at me like I’m from Mars…but I know secretly they’re not an outdoorsy person either! I mean, there are those days where you’re like…I need to get OUT. But, I get out for an hour…and I’ve gotten my fill of Mother Nature for the WEEK. : )I’m glad you had a great birthday!

  8. Sounds like you had a good B-day despite the morning being full of toddler puke! Your right, your husband does have impeccable taste…I love that top! I actually love being outdoors…I don’t mind hiking or walking…it’s the camping that kills me! Last year the hubby and I went to Yosemite, we stayed in a really nice hotel right outside the park and then would drive in and spend the whole day walking around and taking pictures (since I do a lot of photography). That’s my idea of camping :-)

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