Stuck at Home.

I was ALLLLL excited to go to church today because I had the cutest outfit picked out, (and, of course, I wanted to go to church to worship and pray with my precious community- but the outfit! OHHH, the outfit!!) but now Ezra is sick with a fever/stuffy nose and he just crashed out on the couch while watching 101 Dalmatians at 10:00 in the AM. This should make for an interesting day….


10 thoughts on “Stuck at Home.

  1. sigh. brandon just ate a bite of my ramen and now he’s having some kind of reaction…grrrr. then i read the package and found out that my favorite ramen MY FAVORITE VEGETARIANT RAMEN is now made with beef stock grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. p.s. updated to addbrandon = purple kool aid + cream carpet = ahhhhhhhhhhhh he’s in a big time out….just in the time it took to type my comment that happened

  3. …hopefully two of the same shoe?! and not two different cute shoes… See you shouldn’t air dirty laundry on the internet-we remember. :)and I’m glad I’m not the only one who woke up yesterday excited about wearing a cute outfit to church. But instead of a sick kid, my NEVER ENDING BOOB GROWTH made my cute outfit not so cute, and not very comfortable. urgh.But the WORSHIP. the worship was awesome. ;)

  4. not to be the doom and gloomer, but he might get sniffles more often now that he’s in the co-op, that’s the way it you never know, maybe next Sunday there won’t be that bird hovering for a poopshoot onto your cute outfit. it’s all good

  5. i’d love to see the outfit, i’m now intrigued beyond…oh yeah, and i hope ezra is feeling better and you get to join your community next week…but seriously. i want to see the outfit.

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