Dream-Altering Bedding.

Do you remember how I told you I was buying some new bedding? We’ve had it for about two weeks now and I love my new bedding with the force of one thousand tornados. Everynight, I peel back the covers and slip into my bed and have dreams of cloud hopping with Snuggle Bear… that creep-tastic creature from the old fabric softener commercials.

Who knew that a higher threadcount on your sheets could alter your very dreams?? The first night that I had these sheets, I took Shannon’s advice and shaved my legs rigt before I crawled into bed. Then Chris couldn’t sleep for over two hours as I proceeded to (long-windedly) tell him about how wonderful it felt to have new sheets and CAN YOU BELIEVE THESE NEW SHEETS? I slept wonderfully- and he did as well after I finally fell asleep and shut my yapper.

Here’s some pics of the new bedding:

Dreeeeeamy, no?

5 thoughts on “Dream-Altering Bedding.

  1. ahhhh so lovely and peaceful…i can just imagine finishing my glass of wine, setting it on the bed side table and drifting off into a bliss filled night of smooth, soft, comfort filled goodness. I now feel I must go wash my sheets, make my bed and head to the grocery store for a bottle of red!

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