Sheets of Glory.

I bought some new white sheets from eBay a couple of days ago for a fantastic price. They will be the nicest sheets I’ve ever owned… the only sheets that will boast a higher thread count than TWELVE. These babies are 400TC Luxury Sateen… I’m sure it will be like sleeping between two slices of rainbow. (And I don’t mean the bread kind of Rainbow, either.) While I was searching for my new sheets I came across thousands of listings for sheets claiming to have a 1200 THREAD COUNT.

Um…1200? Really? Is this gonna be one of those things like men’s shaving razors where the numbers just keep getting higher and higher until they reach ridiculous proportions? (Introducing the Gillette Turbo Maximum Ultimate 24! Now, with 24 blades!! The closest and most dangerous shaving experience of your life!)

I’m pretty excited for them to arrive. So excited, in fact, that I went and bought a new duvet cover and matching pillow shams as well. You know, to keep my new sheets company. Here are some pics of my new pottery barn duvet set:

So sweeeeet! I got a killer deal on these as well. But just when I was beginning to think I was the Queen of all things eBay, I found an identical set that was $25.00 cheaper than the set I had just bought. *grrr* Oh well, it was still such a good deal that I don’t feel too beat up about that. Heck, whats $25.00 now-a-days? You can’t even get one picture with Santa at the mall for that price anymore. 25 bucks is Pocket change. (to be read with extreme sarcasm.)

Speaking of sheets and pinching pennies and whatnot… it seems I have been washing Ezra’s bedding DAILY because he keeps soaking through his diaper overnight. I wanted to save a few bucks last time I was at the grocery store, so I bought the Generic Target brand diapers instead of the Huggies that we usually buy. They were a whopping 4 dollars cheaper! And I have now increased my monthly water bill by much more than 4 dollars due to so many extra loads of pee soaked sheets and blankets! There are just some things that you can’t cut corners on in this life.

Like diapers.

And Plastic Surgeons.

And Tequila.

Am I forgetting anything?

11 thoughts on “Sheets of Glory.

  1. so a few years ago katie was talking about her sheets and they were Hotel collection. They were really pretty and simple so I bought some. They were 500TC Egyptian Cotton. I am now the worlds biggest sheet snob and will only buy Egyptian Cotton and no lower then 500TC. My husband wants to strangle me every time I order sheets because looking on ebay sooo never occured to me…anyway you are going to sleep like a baby! Oh yeah, your first night on your new sheets, it is best if you shave right before, a fresh shave makes sheets a thousand times softer!

  2. chocolate. I try never to scrimp on chocolate…unless in dire need and their is no other option than the convenience store and then m&m’s do the trick.i’m envying the sheets…someday, I hope.

  3. Car insurance. For sure. My sister’s car got smashed by a tree and she didn’t have GAP insurance, and her car had already devalued below what she owed on it before it got smashed and she wound up being in debt even though she had insurance. Does that even make sense?

  4. Don’t ever skimp on trash bags, Q-Tips, cotton balls, or – and this is the most important one – toilet paper. Let me tell you…

  5. this is realllly funny because the only diapers that arabella has had terrible blow outs in.. are huggies… and my favorites are target brand! haha.. hey we all have different butts.

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