The Questions… Part Deux

On with the questions and answers! From Christy:
As someone with older brothers you adore, are you secretly wishing that if you and Chris have another baby, it will be a girl so that Ezra can have a little sister and experience that type of relationship?

Oooh, good question, Christy! I think the answer to this would be a resounding “YES!” because I do have the coolest brothers in the whole universe, and it would be SO fun to see Ezra protect and pester a little sister through the years… Ah, I remember well the days of tickle torture and following my brothers around and wanting to be like them so badly that I cut my hair short and prayed everynight that God would turn me into a boy.

I was so desperate, in fact, that I boldly announced to my family one evening that my name was no longer ‘Emery’, but now it was ‘Bo’ (as in, Bo Jackson) and that I would never again answer to any other call. That lasted about 30 seconds. If only I had known back then that ‘Emery’ is a man’s name, I could have saved myself MUCH embarassment.

I would hope, though, that if Ezra did have a little sis one day, she would be more inclined to all things girly and less inclined towards all things G.I. Joe (as I was). What’s the point in having stores stocked full of adorable little girl’s clothing if you’re going to have a daughter who refuses to wear anything but camo pants and hockey jerserys?

My poor mother- she wanted a girly-girl so badly… and when she finally had a daughter, she got me, a die-hard Tomboy! Har har!

And, The second Question from Christy:
Do you think you could remember the words to our greatest hit, an ode to that bustling metropolis Carlin, Nevada? and the wonders of the Horse Palace?

Christy and I were on Student leadership together at our High School, and after we were elected, we were bused off to a dismal little town called Carlin for our State Leadership Conference. We were less than thrilled about being carted off into the middle of nowhere- especially since the year before, the conference had been held in LAS VEGAS. The ‘entertainment’ of our conference was some tiny little Rodeo at the ‘Horse Palace’- whereas the year before, the students got to roam around the strip and they had so much fun it was coming out of their ears. Christy and I made up a song to tell of our Carlin caused woes, but I don’t remember a single word of it. I DO remember, however, that making up that song was the ONLY fun memory I have of the whole fiasco….

Next Question from Shannon:
What are the five things currently in your life that you value the most?
1. God
2. Family
3. Girl Time (squeal!)
4. Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips
5. Writing

You are stranded on a desert island, you can take 3 things, nothing electric or that plugs in and water and food will be supplied. What do you take?
1. Paper
2. Pen
3. Steamboat.

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