Where’s Noah When You need Him?

Two days from now will mark this blog’s one year anniversary.

Oh, what a year it’s been!

Here’s the plan- on April 4th I will answer whatever questions you guys have that you’ve been wanting to ask me. (If any.) Just leave your questions in the comments of this post, and on my blogiversary, we’ll crack open the comment box and see what comes of it all. Then, I’ll blow out my candle and we’ll all eat cake and be merry and talk about the weather while gathered in a semi-circle. Sound fun? Let’s do it!

In other news- the day after the tornado, we were hit with so much rain that the streets became rivers and the garbage cans floated down the block. The drainage ditches at the entrance of our neighborhood were dangerously full, and cars were stalled in lakes of water that gathered at all the intersections. Where the heck am I?!

When the sky above your house turns this color, you should probably go turn on a weather radio.

Trees in the front yard.

Ezra in. Me out.

12 thoughts on “Where’s Noah When You need Him?

  1. I absolutely love love love your blog. I fetl like when i saw you at Cam and Anna’s wedding i was talking to a celebrity (even though you were miserably ill). You need to write a book. i will buy it! -Jessica B.

  2. Happy Blogiversary (tomorrow)!I can’t believe you’ve only been doing this for a year. It seems like I’ve been reading for much longer than that. I remember sitting in my office at work jumping from blog to blog via the “Next Blog” feature. And there you were with your wonderful stories and pictures of that cute, cute little boy! I’ve been a fan ever since!My questio for you is:What to you hope to accomplish in this life?

  3. I have two questions.1) as someone with an older brother you adore, are you secretly wishing that if you and Chris have another baby, it will be a girl so that Ezra can have a little sister and experience that type of relationship?2) Do you think you could remember the words to our greatest hit, an ode to that bustling metropolis Carlin, Nevada? and the wonders of the Horse Palace?

  4. Alright look Mrs MRE JO! How come everyone else can figure out how to get cool mastheads but ME!!!!! Also, okay, I really really don’t want this to come out wrong, but in the pic above with you outside, that shirt kinda looks like you are hiding a bump? Are you hiding a bump from us, or is it just the cut of the shirt? Gosh I hope that didn’t sound like I was saying your fat because that isn’t at all what I’m saying because actually you look so fabulous that I want to use one of my wishes to look just like you, because really legs like those should be illegal….Lucky Chris!

  5. Okay questions?What are the five things currently in your life that you value the most?ANDYou are stranded on a desert island, you can take 3 things, nothing electric or that plugs in and water and food will be supplied.

  6. Wow, any question I want!?! Ummm…let me think for a minute. Ok, got it:What made you decide to do a blog? How do you make it look like such awesomeness?I guess that’s technically two questions, but I hope you’ll humor me! :)

  7. my questionWhere do u find a dog with no legs?After much contemplation I would say for my own life the answer would be: right were u left him!!thanku thanku folks, im here all week!

  8. HAHA these questions are all so so so wonderful and I can’t WAIT to get started and NO that not a bump although I can totally see why you think it would be but it totally isn’t. (aww bumps are fun…)I was bloated that day. Maybe it had something to do with the eerie weather. Some people’s joint swell, but me? I <>bloat.<>

  9. Hey Emery! Today is your one year anniversary of sharing your life with all of us out here in internet land! I too am one of those blog stalkers! ;) I usually don’t write, just read, but I have a question as well….What kind of camera do you have??All your pictures are always so fantastic and as a secret wish to be a photographer, but hve no skills I just wonder! ;) Thanks for humoring me! **I found you through Shawna Herring’s blog site!** She was my amazing photographer for my wedding!**I’m hoping that makes me a little less stalkerish?? Perhaps not! Oh well, I love reading about your life and your sweet little family. Thanks for sharing!

  10. emery jo… you are the best! happy anniversary..thank you so much for doing this blog I LOVE IT and i think it helps me get to know you. my question – which i think ive asked you a bazillion times……….WHEN ARE YOU WRITING A BOOK? :)

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