Before and After: Hallway and New Glazing


…and After!

(As you can see it is a yummy milk chocolate color and it takes all of my self-restraint to keep from licking the walls as I walk by.)

Before Glazing…

…and After Glazing!

Ahhh… pictures of my hallway… so thrilling! I know this is why you all keep coming back for more.
Next week, stay tuned for pictures of my most current dryer lint!
And, (if you’re lucky)… In Sepia!

11 thoughts on “Before and After: Hallway and New Glazing

  1. dryer lint is a beautiful thing when you’ve used laundry mats for too many years and you finally have a dryer in your own home…that is something i just might photograph! The hall way is so lovely as is the living room, rich and warm and inviting, everything a home should be…glad you are in it to enjoy it finally, sorry to hear about the horrible airport debacle..i can sympathize…

  2. Looks amazing. That mirror, lamp, shelf thing in the hallway…did you get that at Bed, Bath, and Beyond?? I have had my eye on one just like it for awhile now!

  3. OMG!! I know I haven’t commented on your blog yet, I’e been somewhat of a lurker though because your son is BEAUTIFUL!! Geeze!In any case, we are trying to make our living room walls look JUST LIKE THAT- only a Tuscan yellowish color…. What did you put on them? Would the people at Home Depot know what I was talking about if I asked for GLAZE?

  4. Hey jeninacide,Chris Here, The glaze that I have been using to get that look is called Van Dyke Brown. It is an oil based glaze that all the decorators have been using the last few years. You should get it from Sherwin Williams. They can guide you through how to use it. It would look amazing on a Tuscan yellow! Home depot may have similar products, however I am not familiar with them. Good luck and Happy Painting!

  5. Yay!! Thank you so much!!I think I just may go buy some today!I will make sure to send pictures~ : )You’re house looks amazing… Thanks again for the help!– Jen

  6. Chris, Van Dyke brown always reminds me of that painting guy on channel five. what was his name maybe Bob Ross. That was his favorite color…sorry just made me giggle that someone else in this world uses that color. ha ha ha ha ha giggle giggle, thats awesome…this was a very random comment

  7. I actually have a fried who learned to paint by watching Bob Ross videos. He was pretty good too. “Just some happy trees over here, and an angry ocean seascape over here…” Fro and all. R.I.P. Bob Ross.

  8. not only is your blog so fun to read- it is so helpful too! just when i thinking to myself how fabulous to know how to “glaze” my walls to look so beautiful like yours… your husband comes on and gives all the how-to’s in the comment section. can it get any better?!

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