Big Boy Bed.

On Sunday, after dropping my sister-in-law and her husband off at the airport, Chris and I decided to tackle the toddler bed purchase before heading back home. We stopped at some furniture places, but they didn’t sell toddler beds, so we headed up to Toys R Us. On Toys R Us’s website, I had seen this bed, and really liked it, but of course the store didn’t have any and it wasn’t available online, so we weren’t able to get it. Instead, we ended up buying one they had in stock at the store, and it was actually less than HALF of the price of the other one. Can’t complain about that!

We loaded the bed up in the car and hopped over to Target to try and find some bedding. I knew I wanted something cute and modern, but after the dismal selection of SCREAMING PRIMARY COLORED CARTOON MEMORABILIA BEDDING! they had at Toys R Us, I was doubtful if I’d find anything like what I was looking for at a store. (Or at least, a store I could afford.) I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I’d probably have to make my own bedding when we pulled into the parking lot at Target, but within minutes, I had found the cutest bedding in the whole wide world and I was so excited that I snatched it all up like a greedy, hungry seagull and swooped to the checkout line before anyone could accost me and steal my treasure. I got the last sheet, the last pillow, the last blanket they had in stock. I feel that if I had been a minute or two later, I may have missed out because the store was all but swarming with extremely pregnant ladies and their husbands- and they were all perusing the bedding isle with that same desperate look I had come in with- the one that says, “I refuse to plaster my kid’s room in Pixar crap, so getouttamyway.”… It was my lucky day.

We got home and set up the bed, and I was surprisingly emotionless as we took apart the crib my baby had slept in since DAY ONE… the one that made him look so tiny at first- a little peanut lost in a big shoe box with bars. I thought I would be all sad and unable to stop saying how big Ezra was getting over and over again, but I didn’t really feel any of that. Maybe it was because I was anxious to see how Ezra would handle the transition and wasn’t thinking about much else, or maybe it was because I am pretty much ready to let the baby phase of his life go as I try to grapple with the new… the talking (or complete lack thereof grrr), the potty training, the socializing…

I was worried it would be a long night of me placing Ezra back into bed time after time until he finally fell asleep, but of course I was entirely wrong. Chris read him some books and rocked him and sang to him, just like every other night, and then he gently placed him in his big boy bed. Without a peep, Ezra drifted off to sleep clinging to the side of his new freedom- with one leg dangling over the edge for good measure. He slept that way all night, and then in the morning, instead of bounding out of bed as I’d expected, he sat up and cried until I went into his room and got him. The next morning, I thought I’d let him cry a little longer in there until he figured out he could get out of bed ON HIS OWN, but instead he just cried longer. Until I went and got him. I’m thinking tomorrow morning, I’ll leave a little fruit snack trail for him to try and coax him out of bed all on his own.

He’s such a good boy.

green and brown mod elephants! Does this come in a queen size?

9 thoughts on “Big Boy Bed.

  1. If I wasnt doing the boys in surfing, I would have gotten that, there is a set on sale right now at Target! I love it. And the girl one the pink and brown butterflys! I LOVE IT!

  2. big kid beds are very exciting! hannah made her transition relativly smooth…she loves her bed, too. it’s crazy how quickly the baby dissapears.

  3. we got the same bed for brandon. But since I loved his crib bedding so much, plus I spent an arm and leg on it, I reused that. And I took his back bumper and placed it at the headboard and kinda curved it around so he wouldn’t wiggle and bump his head. It all actually looked much cuter as toddler bed sheets then it does as crib stuff. you know what would look even cuter? IF MY KID WOULD SET FOOD IN THE BED AND THINK OF SLEEPING IN IT. Wait that is a lie, he sleeps in it right up until the second I fall asleep.

  4. Hey Em, where did you get the little feather comforter thingy? I’ve been looking for something like that forever for Brandon to use as a feather bed in hopes he will think he is still in my bed and try sleeping in his own

  5. That is some super-cute bedding. Love it! I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates all the cartoon-character themes. It can be a lonely world sometimes. LOL

  6. Soooo I went on this website, and seriously I am lucky I don’t have a little girl because all the pink and purple girly stuff on there, oh man I would have it all. I ordered a feather bed which is exactly what I have been looking for since the day Brandon was born and you send me to a website where I even found it for only 25.00! TWENTY FIVE BUCKS Are you kidding me, I wanted to order 40 of em just cuz I could. But then, Boo they are back ordered, I have to wait a couple weeks. But I don’t even care because I’m so excited. Now I want to get a comfertor also. Eeek I want the whole website.

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