The Most Random Randomness Ever Randomed.

First off, Progress!

Tonight, for the first time in weeks, we got Ezra into the bath successfully. At first he was screaming and crying, but we actually got him to calm down and he stayed in there with me for quite a while. You guys don’t even know how much your suggestions helped me… I tried them all. (Except for maybe the one about eating in the tub… HAHA Shawna you are awesome!) You know which one finally did it I think? Shannon suggested letting Ezra give his toys a bath so that he could see it wasn’t scary. We brought all his thousands of Matchbox cars into the bathroom and proceeded to BATHE THEM ALL. (My hands were shriveled to prunes….no, more like really wrinkly RAISINS.) Ezra got such a kick out of it that he went into his room and got his Thomas The Train toys as well. Every time he washed one, I would clap for him and tell the train he was a gooood booooy for taking such a nice bathy-wathy-bo-bathy. After all the toys were squeaky and clean, I sat in the tub and we wrestled him in there with me. He was not liking it until Chris gave Ezra the baby soap and we started washing all the toys one by one again.

I am so very relieved. (And shriveled.)



The weathermen have been at it again- running around like chickens with their heads cut off squawking about “WINTER BLAST 2007” that was supposed to hit today. They’ve been telling everyone for days now that we needed to prepare because we were going to get snowed in. I heard predictions from the 2-13″ range. (Yes, 2-13 inches. QUITE A DRASTIC RANGE.) The storm was supposed to move in and threaten all our lives at 3:00 this morning. We even went and bought a sled. And you know what? That snow never came.

Did that stop the newsmen from reporting around the clock about “WINTER BLAST 2007”? Nope. They were dramatically zooming in on puddles on the ground via ‘live feed’ and spending ridiculous amounts of time describing the extreme, agonizing DANGER of slush.

I know that I didn’t have to watch the news today. I could have spent that time reading a novel or organizing my Tupperware cabinet. (Did I say that outloud just now?) But I couldn’t help it. It was like passing a car accident on the road. I didn’t want to stare, but I just couldn’t look away.


And now, a random video I like to call ‘Ezra Vs. the Chapstick’. Watch for the dramatic ending, in which it appears the chapstick finally decides to fight back- throwing Ezra backwards onto the couch for a dramatic finale. (Either that, or maybe it was my painfully repetitive questions that caused him to recoil and lurch away from the sound of my voice…. I’ll let you decide.)

6 thoughts on “The Most Random Randomness Ever Randomed.

  1. ***Good progress on the tubby !! Place his own little plastic washtub on the bathroom floor just big enough for him to sit in and get in and out of any time he wishes. Then he won’t feel threatened. He can reach all his toys and give them a bath. eh?***I do the same thing with the news, I watch just so I can be incredulous about how ridiculous it is. That’s the entertainment value.***Ezzie bug is just hamming it up because the camera is pointed at him. I miss him very very much.

  2. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa The chapstick video is hilarious. I’m so glad my son is not the only one who eats it. He prefers to chew on my Chronicals of Narnia Applberry flavor like it is a popcicle. Glad you finally got Ezra in the bath I will keep in mind what worked for the future when Brandon refuses to bathe.

  3. THanks for all the info on your wacky weathermen. My boss is from the midwest and he claims that everyone “out there” doesn’t “freak out” when its snows because they see storms like that all the time. He CLAIMS that people in good ole Reno take more of an issue with the snow thanthose hearty midwesterners. Thanks for Dispelling that myth.

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