Alive and Well

I’m here in Reno and have been enjoying my time with family and friends very much. I’ve eaten way too much food and we’ve taken advantage of the free babysitting privledges every moment they’ve been offered. Awesome-ness. Christmas was fantastic and we’re leaving tomorrow for Atlanta, Georgia to play for a break out group at Passion 07′. I’m so excited to have some alone time with my hubby and they are putting us up in a nice hotel, so, you know… free towels and mini toiletries and stuff! woo woo!

These next 5 days are going to be rough, however, because it’s the first time we both have been away from Ezra that long. I know the grandparents will do great, but the thought of not seeing Ezra’s little smile for 5 days?!? HEARTBREAKING. The other night we left him over at Chris’ parent’s house overnight, and I collapsed into bed at 11:00 crying like a baby because I missed him so much and suddenly had this overwhelming thought that Ezra didn’t know how much I loved him. I was saying ridiculous things like, “I think he thinks I think he’s annoying!” through sobs while Chris gently patted my back and whispered “He knows you love him, honey…” Chris must have been thinking I’d finally blown a gasket as I slobbered into my pillow and ranted about being a horrible mom…

It didn’t help that we watched the movie ‘Click’ that night– the one where Adam Sandler misses out on his family because he gets a remote control that will fast forward him through all the gunk of life, and one of the last scenes is him lying on his back in the rain muttering “Family first, Family first, Family ALWAYS first…”


Anywho- I’ll try to write while I’m there. It’s going to be an amazing experience and I can’t wait to get there and begin. More posts about the horrific plane/airport experience and our wonderful Christmas to come soon.. Happy New Year!!

4 thoughts on “Alive and Well

  1. oh em, i know how u feel and lets be honest our boys do annoy us sometimes but they dont know that and well actully try to annoy us when they are older!! U r a good mommy!!

  2. Hah…I did the same on New Year’s with Asha…Sure that she did not know that I loved her…just because I went out and had a good time…Hope you are loving the new year….

  3. I’ve watched and I know … you are an exceptionally wonderful Mommy. Monkey Muffin (Ezra) knows you love him.

  4. oh emery, you reminded me of this past summer when casey came out. we let caseys parents have Nehemiah for the night and the next morning i woke up at 6am thinking Nehemiah should be waking up by now. Around 7 casey woke up and started Kissing me thinking it would lead to something else. when i wasnt kissing him back he said whats wrong? Huge tears filled my eyes and i said “I WANT MY BABY!” We ended up getting dressed and rushing over to Grandmas. Of course he was doing just fine without me.

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