Growing Pains.

I’ve decided today that I want to grow my hair out again.

I think…


Most Definetly! (or not.)

this is the longest my hair ever got… it was right after I had Ezra.

Is this a good idea? Or am I just one of those ‘short haired’ kind of people? I do like short hair, but sometimes I get bored with it, you know? Oh, and if it is a good idea to grow it- I’m gonna need some serious help. Because, when I have bad hair days, I will usually just shut myself in the bathroom with a pair of scissors and CHOP CHOP CHOP like it ain’t no thang. I’m going to need strict punishment and hoardes of accountability if I plan to grow my hair more than 1 inch past where it’s at now.

what to doooooo????

PS. As I was looking for a ‘long hair’ picture, I came across this: (click on the picture to make it bigger)

Ezra’s bellybutton used to be in the shape of a perfect STAR. How crazy is that?!

9 thoughts on “Growing Pains.

  1. I soooo think you should grow it out. Wow it was so beautiful in that picture. I can’t believe its that wonderful color and it was all swoopy and cute. Oh yes you must do it. Plus when you have a bad hair day you have your trusty hippy beany and you can just smoosh that over it and wala or do like me and just have it constantly smushed on the top of your head in a hapahazard bunn swirlly doo thing. But I definatly definatly think you should grow it out very hot ! ! ! ! ! Oooo ooo idea. You should start taking pictures of the process so we can see how long it is getting and stuff. Ya what a terrific idea.

  2. For the last 6 years I’ve been growing my hair out, only to give up and cut it when it gets to the classic “awkward” stage where it’s right past the shoulders and looks too long for a cute short hairstyle but too short to do anything with.FINALLY I gritted my teeth and bore through it and now I am so happy because it is finally “long”…SO…all that to say, you SHOULD grow it out, because the worst that could happen, is that you won’t like it, an then you wil just have more fun chopping it all off-BUT you do have to wait through that awkward stage..It will be will require a lot of self control… you might have to get rid of all the scissors in the house..but you can do it.

  3. Do it…Do it….Do it…. I can tell you it is worth it. Cause I am one of those love it short girls. But this time I really stuck it out and it is about 2-3 in past my shoulders and now I want to cut it but I love it so much I don’t think I can….he he….Do it…Do it…Do it….

  4. Grow it grow it grow it grow it….I remember the attempts in the past. You can do it! Besides, as your hairstylist, (and yes, I still consider myself to be) and in my professional opinion, you should try the long.

  5. Wow! I love the long hair. Emery, you are just one of those people that can do whatever with your hair and it looks amazing on you. Long hair is fun and you can do many things with it, just use your imagination. Love you

  6. Oh wow, your hair was so pretty long! Not that it’s not pretty short, but I just had never seen a picture of it long. I say go for it! :D

  7. OKEE DOKEE! Thanks to all of your wondeful encouragement and comments (HELLO HARMONY I LOVE YOOOOOOOU!!!!!!) I have decided that from this moment on, I am on “Operation: Hair Growth”. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

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