Naps are for Babies.

Ezra has REFUSED to nap for the past few days. He is usually such a great sleeper/napper. It appears, however, that the last time I was explaining this fact to someone, I had forgotten to knock on wood. This has made things quite INTERESTING around here to say the least. Despite occasionally wanting to rip off both of my own thumbs, I think I have been handling the change really well. Ezra has had approximately one billion screamy meltdowns, while I have only had one or two more than that.

Today, though, Ezra is napping soundly in his crib- just like the good ol’ days. I’m sitting here typing away, pushing the keys oh-so-gently for fear of the clicking sound traveling all the way across the house and waking him. Also, I am thirsty- but I have no intentions of getting up from my spot on the couch because I just know that the floor will creak and Ezra will wake up screaming. (And now I have to pee.)

In other news, I am finally learning to play the piano! Remember my list of things to do prior to DEATH? This was one of them! Chris taught me all the chords and now I can play pretty much all of the songs in my music folder. I can only practice my new hobby at night after Ezra goes to sleep because when I try to practice during the day he gets pissed and tries to push me off of the piano bench for some reason. I find it much easier to concentrate when I’m not being dragged to the floor by a tantrum-prone toddler, so I wait until 8:00 every night. When I wake up these days I feel giddy and excited- as only watching one of my life-long dreams come true before my very eyes could make me.

As for the snow, it’s almost all melted except for the pile by the tree that used to be our snowman. Rest in Peace, snowy friend.

Ezra liked to look at the snow, and he liked having some snow brought to him while he stood on dry ground, but the second any of it had the nerve to STICK TO HIS SHOES, he would crumple to the ground and cry as if I had gathered up all of his precious train toys and set them on fire. This goes hand-in-hand with his other new quirk- the one where I have to hand-feed him all of his meals because he freaks out when any food sticks to his fingers and gets his hands all dirty. God have mercy on us all.

One reason I AM glad that the snow is finally melting is because a neighbor had taken it upon himself to build a 7 foot tall Phallic Snow Statue in his front yard the day after it snowed. It is only now melting into a tiny, unrecognizable clump. The two huge snowballs he rolled up to accompany his statue, however, show no sign of melting anytime in the next century.


6 thoughts on “Naps are for Babies.

  1. Now I know why you moved Ezra’s bedroom to the back of the house, so you could practice on the piano ! Brilliant !Next time the neighbor does that just drive by (after dark of course) and throw road salt on it. It will be a very sickly phallic symbol by morning.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…Phallic Snow Statue.I would do well going back into junior high..since my sense of humor hasn’t evolved much.Also, Sera just stopped the napping this fall. It was a hellish transition, but now she actually goes to bed at night at 8 sharp instead of 9…or 10… or 11. Blessings and curses all at once. I hope for your sake he continues with the napping trend though!

  3. HA HA MOMAR great idea with the salt. Anywho Emery my son isn’t a mini mr incredible he is Jack Jack. You know at the end of the movie when jack jack goes insane and starts shaking and going bonkers. That is my son on a daily basis. Your family is beautiful!

  4. O and The Little Mermaid and The Lion King are movies I probably won’t purchase anytime soon because they make me cry. Along with, Nemo, Ice Age and any other movie where a parent dies. O gosh I’m getting all choked up thinking about Lion King now. Must find tissues!!!

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