When it Rains, It Pours…

It seems like whenever Ezra isn’t feeling well or something is bugging him, it causes this chain reaction and all these things start getting all out-of-whack and, before I know it, I’ve got a child with more issues and little ailments going on than I can count on all ten fingers. He is usually so healthy, but when he catches something, it’s like everything goes at once. (Kindof like that old car I used to have… If so much as a headlight bulb went out one day, it was pretty much guaranteed I would have TOTAL transmission failure within 24 hours.) I guess it’s nice because we get all the yuck out of the way in one go, but YIKES it sure is draining.

Today Ezra has:

A runny nose.
A nasty cough.
An excema outbreak on the sides of his mouth. (AGAIN.)
Gas pain that woke him three times last night.
Random face scratches. (Maybe these are from him attempting to wipe his nose and those 4 INCH LONG FINGERNAILS getting in the way. Let’s just say lately he runs squealing when I get out the nail clippers…)
Nasty diaper rash.
Possible Two Year Molars coming in?
And a left ear that is TWICE the size of his right one on account of him being allergic to mosquito bites. (Okay, this one is more than a little comical.)

Ummm… I’ve got my hands full. I’ve got ointments for his mouth and his rash, tylenol for his teeth, hot steam baths for his cold, a humidifier on full blast in his room, and lots of tissues handy for the goo-fest.

He’s quite the grumpy housemate right now… throwing tantrums left and right and inexplicably refusing to wear pants.

Is it bedtime yet?

4 thoughts on “When it Rains, It Pours…

  1. Well your not the only one with a sick baby. Nehemiah is on his what 5th cold. Along with the sidekick that comes with it…Pink eye. The doctor told me me will probley get pink eye everytime he gets a cold. Now doesnt that sound fun. Poor Ezra… Tell him he needs to get better so he can go back to gymboree and play with BUBBLES.

  2. hey em i had to make my blog private for a while because my uncle started reading it and trying to blackmail me what is your email so i can invite you to be allowed to read it and also your moms because she reads it thanks

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