blah blee bloo

You all should try this, it’s so fun!

My #1 match was Julianne Moore…(huh?!) but I thought this was closer…

Sorry for the lack of blogs the last few days. I’ve been working on my vintage clothing site a bit this week…

I’ll write more very soon.

Quick update: Ezra has discovered the rapturous joy of POCKETS. In his PANTS. He walks around with his ping-pong ball in his pocket all day long and pulls it out at random times with a big exaggerated gesture and a startling, piercing “GASP!” that could peel the wallpaper off of the walls. He thinks he’s sooo funny.

And he is.

This is what he does whenever I say “airplane”…
or “Buzz Lightyear”…
or “elephant”.
(your guess is as good as mine.)

3 thoughts on “blah blee bloo

  1. Iv done that sight, my second choice is olson twins, but #1 is JASON Biggs!!!!! HUMMMMMMMMM. the guy from american pie, no matter what picture i do!!

  2. no matter what I do I always get Ariel Sharon….hmmmmm, I off to get a paper bag for my head.

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