House Pictures!

We did a final walk-through of the house today and are meant to close on Tuesday. I cannot believe we are buying a house. This is why I LOVE Oklahoma. You can actually afford to live here!
And for us right now, Cost of living DOWN = quality of life UP.
Here’s some pictures of the inside. What do you think?

built in the 1920’s

view of the living room from the dining room

living room



bedroom 1

bedroom 2

laundry room

5 thoughts on “House Pictures!

  1. The house looks amazing! Congrats to you guys!! It’s nice to have a house that you kinda own. :)we love you guys

  2. Oh my gosh, this is amazing. You own a freakin’ house. I have to move in a month and 1/2 and can’t even afford a studio apartment! Enjoy it – it looks wonderful.

  3. looks awesome. I feel what Rebecca said! It’s so cool that you guys have accomplished this much. Congratulations!

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