Tantrums cause permanent Zits.

My son has discovered screaming. It’s no longer tantrums and yelling, it’s tantrums and screaming. Like, if we’re outside and then I try to take him inside, he screams. It’s piercing. It’s loud. It’s embarrassing…

I got to thinking that maybe my son was the only 14-month-old in the history of the world to ever have complete meltdown/temper tantrums accompanied by shrieking screams and rolling around on the floor…because judging by the looks on the people’s faces in the grocery store or at the park, he’s an anomaly. I mean, sure- you’d expect this behavior from a two-year-old… but he’s just barely ONE and he’s already a pro.

Then I read some other moms on the Berkeley Parent’s Network website talking about their kids who are Ezra’s age who are having these tantrums as well. Then, instantly, the world was OK again. He’s not an anomaly! He’s a little boy. He’s not a monster seeking to destroy his mommy! He’s just Ezra.

I’ve since decided to ignore his little outbreaks, and when he settles down, I’m going to calmly tell him that tantrums cause permanent zits and that he’d better be careful because some day he’s going to be in high school and blemishes don’t help get prom dates.

I think it’s probably a good thing that he’s going through this stage right now, because when he hits two and all his other little friends are just starting to having tantrums, I’ll be the “rock solid” mom — (the one that is the seasoned pro at dealing with the fits), and all the other moms will stare at me with a mixture of awe and wonder as I saunter into a room- completely calm, cool, and collected- with a matching pair of shoes on my feet and an obliging, blemish-free child on my hip…


5 thoughts on “Tantrums cause permanent Zits.

  1. Now thats better!! Dued, Dued……..DUED!! 14 months old throw tantrums! Josiah THROWS TANTRUMS!!!!! They drive me nutts!!!!! We are gunna be pros Emery Jo!!

  2. oh great im going crazy from the screaming that goes with teething and look theres more to come. Sometime i wish i could run and hide but that would just make the crying worse because He wants ME!!!! How can babies adore their mothers so much yet feel the need to scream at us for completly unreasonable amounts of time. I am greatful that when the tantrums start Casey will be back so at the end of the day i can say “Hi husband! Im so glad your home. It’s your turn now!” Now that brings a smile to my face

  3. Jakey has tantrums continuously throughout the day. I found that ignoring him and the fit works best. Just laugh and say gee…who’s kid is that anyway? Most moms will laugh…Once Jakey through himself onto the ground, kicking and screaming because Daddy wouldn’t give him chips. Dad walked away…Jake got up, followed him into the living room and repeated the same tantrum again…its all about the audience. One day I’d love to have myself a little kicking and screaming tantrum…I wonder if that might get me a spa day. Ha ha

  4. I was a crazy temper tantrum kid, and I frequently passed out due to anxiety attacks (once at your birthday party, remember?) and well, moral of the story is, I turned out pretty well, so I’m sure he’ll be a-ok. He’s just got the spunk of a fiery red-head!

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